Original oil painting "Deuterium Plasma"

“Deuterium Plasma”, oil on canvas, 2016

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"Deuterium Plasma" Oil abstract painting
“Deuterium Plasma” Oil abstract painting, 2016

This abstract painting was painted in oil on a 70x50cm canvas on wooden frame, sides painted in matching color. Horizontal composition, vibrant colors, very unique in its atmosphere. It will look gorgeous in any interior!

High quality art materials, surface protected with varnish. No extra fee for packaging. For shipping the painting is carefully wrapped and protected.

Package includes wiring, so you can immediately hang this beautiful abstract art piece on your home or office wall.

“Both science and art have to do with ordered complexity.”
Lancelot Law Whyte (1957)

Product Description

Original oil painting "Deuterium Plasma"
Contemporary oil painting entitled “Deuterium Plasma” made on canvas

Painting arrives with “Certificate of Authenticity”, with title, date and signature.The canvas is signed on the front and on the back of the canvas.

Modern art helps to make your interior, home or office an inspiring, thought-evoking place where your spirit and mind can wander a bit off and away and by the ever-changing associations an abstract painting will always give you something to think about.


80 x 60 cm

31,5 x 23,6 inch



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